Cost Effective Way For Lexmark Printer Repair

Lexmark printers are durable and have a solid consumer base due to their good quality, with the good performance printers subjected to many problems like other printers.
By proper maintenance, take care of small things and following the instructions can reduce the problem and increase the performance of printer.

Some of the common problems and the possible solution for Lexmark printer are stated below:

Probelm-1: printer stops printing
Solution: check the cable connection, power cord, power outlet working properly and ensure everything working properly.
Check the input tray is it empty or not.
Problem- 2: Taking Long time for loading
Solution: Divided the large task of printing into small parts.
Problem- 3: Paper Jam
Solution: Remove paper by opening the printer door.
Problem – 4: High humidity cause irregular printing
Solution: Keep Humidity level that suite the printer.
Along with this many other Problems occur, to avoiding these problem change ink, toner cartridge when low ink warning indicate printer.

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